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Please email me at pogodj@passcodelimited.com so I can let you know about new versions – I will not use your address for anything else and I will not share it with anyone.

Pogo DJ Status Update 12/9/2020
Traktor Pro 3.3.0
***NEW*** Enhanced Looping Controls for iPad:
– Loop length for selecting 11 standard loop lengths on a stepped slider
– Loop In/Out controls for setting non-standard or off-beat-grid loops
– Loop Move controls for changing the section of audio looped
– Updated Traktor config file and set-up guides available in the Resources section of this page
Ableton Live 10 / Torq / Deckadance 2 / Mixxx
– Not worked on but the Pogo DJ MIDI map is available in the Resources section of this page

The app has been consciously designed with playing a DJ set in mind, not preparing one i.e. grid and cue point management are not covered.

In addition, the app currently only allows for the management of tempo via Master Tempo, not via individual tracks. Please do get in touch if this is a dealbreaker for you. I am currently working on an enhancement that will allow for sudden / large changes in tempo which might work for you for instance.

The app will run on any device running iOS13 or better, and will offer increasingly simplified functionality the smaller the screen gets – at the top is v1.0 running on an ipad – the following show what you get from 6.5″ screens all the way down to 4″ (at which point we are talking a remote with which you can mix, as opposed to a DJ mixer):

Track / playlist management is currently driven by Traktor’s capabilities with the other apps currently work-in-progress:

iPad Browser

I have a long list of enhancements for Pogo DJ that, once complete, should mean you never have to look at your laptop during your set – in the meantime however, whilst I’ve been staying in, and without a day job to keep me out of mischief, this is what you get 😉


Pogo DJ on AppStore
Pogo DJ Traktor Configuration File

Traktor / Windows set-up
Traktor / MacOS set-up
Pogo DJ Controls
Pogo DJ MIDI Map

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