TraktorDJ iPad Controller for Liine Lemur

TraktorDJ is a tablet control surface for one of the most popular / longstanding digital DJ platforms, Traktor by Native Instruments. The controller is built using the Liine Lemur toolkit and uses the Lemur Daemon software running on the computer hosting Traktor to manage communication with your touchscreen device.

Main Controls Tab

In terms of DJ mixing functionality, TraktorDJ is designed for 2 deck mixing and provides:

Music Library Navigation

In addition to mixing functionality, Traktor DJ has a screen for navigating your music library, adding tracks to your preparation playlist folder and, of course, loading tracks to the decks ready to play.

Folder navigator section:

Track navigator section:


TraktorDJ Templates for iPads and Traktor Pro config file
TraktorDJ for Liine Lemure set-up guide

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