Colorian / iPad app

Inspired by my wife’s love of Piet Mondrian, Colorian is a tool for generating randomised geometric images based on a number of initial parameters set by the user. At its default colour and granularity settings it is capable of producing an infinity of very familiar images.

…and with a few tweaks, it can also go elsewhere:

In v1.0 of Colorian the images are grid-based with the random elements set as follows:

1. Uniform colours are created by mixing fixed amounts of red / green / blue (see red and green below)
2. Varying hues are created by mixing amounts of red / green / blue in ranges (see blue below) – the blue / orange image above is a good example of uniform and range hues being used in combination
3. The amount of the image to be composed of a created colour is selected

4. The grid lines are coloured on the same basis
5. The size of the squares composing the grid and the weight of the lines can be set
6. Finally, the maximum no. of squares wide and high a shape can be is set


Colorian v2.0 launching on Appstore soon

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